Lovecraftiana web que no debería existir...

Habiendo leído desde muy pequeño a los grandes poetas de la antigüedad clásica, Lovecraft fue también capaz de plasmar sus sueños en versos que abarcaban tanto temas mitológicos como de horror y fantasía.

The Poem of Ulysses, or The Odyssey [8 November 1897]
Ovid’s Metamorphoses [1898-1902]
H. Lovecraft’s Attempted Journey betwixt Providence & Fall River on the N.Y.N.H. & H.R.R. [1901]
Poemata Minora, Volume II [1902]
Ode to Selene or Diana
To the Old Pagan Religion
On the Ruin of Rome
To Pan
On the Vanity of Human Ambition
C.S.A. 1861-1865: To the Starry Cross of the SOUTH [1902]
De Triumpho Naturae [July 1905]
The Members of the Men’s Club of the First Universalist Church of Providence, R.I., to Its President, About to Leave for Florida on Account of His Health [c. 1908-12]
[To His Mother on Thanksgiving] [30 November 1911]
To Mr. Terhune, on His Historical Fiction [c. 1911-13]
Providence in 2000 A.D. [4 March 1912]
New-England Fallen [April 1912]
On the Creation of Niggers [1912]
Fragment on Whitman [c. 1912]
[On Robert Browning] [c. 1912]
On a New-England Village Seen by Moonlight [7 September 1913]
Quinsnicket Park [1913]
To Mr. Munroe, on His Instructive and Entertaining Account of Switzerland [1 January 1914]
Ad Criticos [January-May? 1914]
Frustra Praemunitus [June? 1914]
De Scriptore Mulieroso [June? 1914]
To General Villa [Summer 1914]
On a Modern Lothario [July-August 1914]
The End of the Jackson War [October 1914]
To the Members of the Pin-Feathers on the Merits of Their Organisation, and of Their New Publication, The Pinfeather [November 1914]
To the Rev. James Pyke [November 1914]
To an Accomplished Young Gentlewoman on Her Birthday, Decr. 2, 1914 [2 December? 1914]
Regner Lodbrog’s Epicedium [c. December 1914]
The Power of Wine: A Satire [c. 8 December 1914]
The Teuton’s Battle-Song [c. 17 December 1914]
New England [18 December 1914]
Gryphus in Asinum Mutatus [1914?]
To the Members of the United Amateur Press Association from the Providence Amateur Press Club [c. 1 January 1915]
March [March 1915]
1914 [March 1915]
The Simple Speller’s Tale [April 1915]
[On Slang] [April 1915]
An Elegy on Franklin Chase Clark, M.D. [29 April 1915]
The Bay-Stater’s Policy [June 1915]
The Crime of Crimes [July 1915]
Ye Ballade of Patrick von Flynn [c. 23 August 1915]
The Issacsonio-Mortoniad [c. 14 September 1915]
On Receiving a Picture of Swans [c. 14 September 1915]
Unda; or, The Bride of the Sea [c. 30 September 1915]
[On “Unda; or, The Bride of the Sea”] [c. 30 September 1915]
To Charlie of the Comics [c. 30 September 1915]
Gems from In a Minor Key [October 1915]
The State of Poetry [October 1915]
The Magazine Poet [October 1915]
A Mississippi Autumn [December 1915]
On the Cowboys of the West [December 1915]
To Samuel Loveman, Esquire, on His Poetry and Drama, Writ in the Elizabethan Style [December 1915]
An American to Mother England [January 1916]
The Bookstall [January 1916]
A Rural Summer Eve [January 1916]
To the Late John H. Fowler, Esq. [March 1916]
R. Kleiner, Laureatus, in Heliconem [April 1916]
Temperance Song [Spring 1916]
Lines on Gen. Robert Edward Lee [c. 18 May 1916]
Content [June 1916]
My Lost Love [c. 10 June 1916]
The Beauties of Peace [27 June 1916]
The Smile [July 1916]
Epitaph on ye Letterr Rrr........ [29 August 1916]
The Dead Bookworm [c. 29 August 1916]
[On Phillips Gamwell] [1 September 1916]
Inspiration [October 1916]
Respite [October 1916]
The Rose of England [October 1916]
The Unknown [October 1916]
Ad Balneum [c. October 1916]
[On Kelso the Poet] [October? 1916]
Providence Amateur Press Club (Deceased) to the Athenaeum Club of Journalism [24 November 1916]
Brotherhood [December 1916]
Brumalia [December 1916]
The Poe-et’s Nightmare [1916]
Futurist Art [January 1917]
On Receiving a Picture of the Marshes of Ipswich [January 1917]
The Rutted Road [January 1917]
An Elegy on Phillips Gamwell, Esq. [5 January 1917]
Lines on Graduation from the R.I. Hospital’s School of Nurses [c. 13 January 1917]
Fact and Fancy [February 1917]
The Nymph’s Reply to the Modern Business Man [February 1917]
Pacifist War Song—1917 [March 1917]
Percival Lowell [March 1917]
To Mr. Lockhart, on His Poetry [March 1917]
Britannia Victura [April 1917]
Spring [April 1917]
A Garden [April 1917]
Sonnet on Myself [April 1917]
April [24 April 1917]
Iterum Conjunctae [May 1917]
The Peace Advocate [May 1917]
To Greece, 1917 [May? 1917]
On Receiving a Picture of ye Towne of Templeton, in the Colonie of Massachusetts-Bay, with Mount Monadnock, in New-Hampshire, Shewn in the Distance [June 1917]
The Poet of Passion [June 1917]
Earth and Sky [July 1917]
Ode for July Fourth, 1917 [July 1917]
On the Death of a Rhyming Critic [July 1917]
Prologue to “Fragments from an Hour of Inspiration” by Jonathan E. Hoag [July 1917]
To M.W.M. [July 1917]
To the Incomparable Clorinda [July 1917]
To Saccharissa, Fairest of Her Sex [July 1917]
To Rhodoclia—Peerless among Maidens [July 1917]
To Belinda, Favourite of the Graces [July 1917]
To Heliodora—Sister of Cytheraea [July 1917]
To Mistress Sophia Simple, Queen of the Cinema [August 1917]
An American to the British Flag [November 1917]
Autumn [November 1917]
Nemesis [1 November 1917]
Astrophobos [c. 25 November 1917]
Lines on the 25th. Anniversary of the Providence Evening News, 1892-1917 [December 1917]
Sunset [December 1917]
Old Christmas [late 1917]
To the Arcadian [late 1917]
To the Nurses of the Red Cross [1917]
The Introduction [1917?]
A Summer Sunset and Evening [1917?]
A Winter Wish [2 January 1918]
Laeta; a Lament [February 1918]
To Jonathan E. Hoag, Esq. [February 1918]
The Volunteer [February 1918]
Ad Britannos—1918 [April 1918]
Ver Rusticum [1 April 1918]
To Mr. Kleiner, on Receiving from Him the Poetical Works of Addison, Gay, and Somerville [10 April 1918]
A Pastoral Tragedy of Appleton, Wisconsin [c. 27 May 1918]
On a Battlefield in Picardy [30 May 1918]
Psychopompos: A Tale in Rhyme [late 1917-summer 1918]
A June Afternoon [June 1918]
The Spirit of Summer [27 June 1918]
Grace [July 1918]
The Link [July 1918]
To Alan Seeger [July 1918]
August [August 1918]
Damon and Delia, a Pastoral [August 1918]
Phaeton [August 1918]
To Arthur Goodenough, Esq. [20 August 1918]
Hellas [September 1918]
To Delia, Avoiding Damon [September 1918]
Alfredo; a Tragedy [14 September 1918]
The Eidolon [October 1918]
Monos: An Ode [October 1918]
Germania—1918 [November 1918]
To Col. Linkaby Didd [1 November 1918]
Ambition [December 1918]
A Cycle of Verse [November-December 1918]
Mother Earth
To the Eighth of November [13 December 1918]
To the A.H.S.P.C., on Receipt of the Christmas Pippin [December? 1918]
The Conscript [1918?]
Greetings [January 1919]
Theodore Roosevelt [January 1919]
To Maj.-Gen. Omar Bundy, U.S.A. [January 1919]
To Jonathan Hoag, Esq. [February 1919]
Despair [c. 19 February 1919]
In Memoriam: J.E.T.D. [March 1919]
Revelation [March 1919]
April Dawn [10 April 1919]
Amissa Minerva [May 1919]
Damon: A Monody [May 1919]
Hylas and Myrrha: A Tale [May 1919]
North and South Britons [May 1919]
To the A.H.S.P.C., on Receipt of the May Pippin [May? 1919]
Helene Hoffman Cole: 1893-1919 [June 1919]
John Oldham: A Defence [June 1919]
[On Prohibition] [30 June 1919]
Myrrha and Strephon [July 1919]
The House [c. 16 July 1919]
Monody on the Late King Alcohol [August 1919]
The Pensive Swain [October 1919]
The City [October 1919]
Oct. 17, 1919 [October 1919]
On Collaboration [20 October 1919]
To Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Eighteenth Baron Dunsany [November 1919]
Wisdom [November 1919]
Birthday Lines to Margfred Galbraham [November 1919]
The Nightmare Lake [December 1919]
Bells [11 December 1919]
January [January 1920]
To Phillis [January 1920]
Tryout’s Lament for the Vanished Spider [January 1920]
Ad Scribam [February 1920]
On Reading Lord Dunsany’s Book of Wonder [March 1920]
To a Dreamer [25 April 1920]
Cindy: Scrub Lady in a State Street Skyscraper [June 1920]
The Poet’s Rash Excuse [July 1920]
With a Copy of Wilde’s Fairy Tales [July 1920]
Ex-Poet’s Reply [July? 1920]
To Two Epgephi [July? 1920]
On Religion [August 1920]
The Voice [August 1920]
On a Grecian Colonnade in a Park [20 August 1920]
The Dream [September 1920]
October [1] [October 1920]
To S.S.L.—Oct. 17, 1920 [October 1920]
Christmas [November 1920]
To Alfred Galpin, Esq. [November? 1920]
Theobaldian Aestivation [11 November 1920]
S.S.L.: Christmas 1920 [December? 1920]
On Receiving a Portraiture of Mrs. Berkeley, ye Poetess [25 December 1920]
The Prophecy of Capys Secundus [11 January 1921]
To a Youth [February 1921]
To Mr. Hoag [February 1921]
The Pathetick History of Sir Wilful Wildrake [Spring? 1921]
On the Return of Maurice Winter Moe, Esq., to the Pedagogical Profession [June 1921]
Medusa: A Portrait [29 November 1921]
To Mr. Galpin [December 1921]
Sir Thomas Tryout [December 1921]
On a Poet’s Ninety-first Birthday [10 February 1922]
Simplicity: A Poem [c. 18 May 1922]
To Saml: Loveman, Gent. [Summer? 1922]
Plaster-All [August? 1922]
To Zara [31 August 1922]
To Damon [November? 1922]
Waste Paper [late 1922? early 1923?]
To Rheinhart Kleiner, Esq. [January 1923]
Chloris and Damon [January 1923]
To Mr. Hoag [February? 1923]
To Endymion [April? 1923]
The Feast [May 1923]
[On Marblehead] [10 July 1923]
To Mr. Baldwin, on Receiving a Picture of Him in a Rural Bower [29 September 1923]
Lines for Poets’ Night at the Scribblers’ Club [October? 1923]
[On a Scene in Rural Rhode Island] [8 November 1923]
Damon and Lycë [13 December 1923]
To Mr. Hoag [c. 3 February 1924]
[On the Pyramids] [c. February 1924]
[Stanzas on Samarkand I-III] [February-March 1924]
Providence [26 September 1924]
[On The Thing in the Woods by Harper Williams] [c. 29 November 1924]
Solstice [25 December 1924]
To Saml Loveman, Esq. [c. 14 January 1925]
To George Kirk, Esq. [18 January 1925]
My Favourite Character [31 January 1925]
[On the Double-R Coffee House] [1 February 1925]
To Mr. Hoag [c. 10 February 1925]
The Cats [15 February 1925]
[On Rheinhart Kleiner Being Hit by an Automobile] [c. 16 February 1925]
To Xanthippe, on Her Birthday—March 16, 1925 [March 1925]
Primavera [April 1925]
[To Frank Belknap Long on His Birthday] [April? 1925]
A Year Off [24 July 1925]
To an Infant [26 August 1925]
[On a Politician] [c. 24-27 October 1925]
[On a Room for Rent] [c. 24-27 October 1925]
October [2] [30 October 1925]
To George Willard Kirk, Gent., of Chelsea-Village, in New-York, upon His Birthday, Novr. 25, 1925 [24 November 1925]
[On Old Grimes by Albert Gorton Greene] [December 1925]
Festival [December 1925]
To Jonathan Hoag [10 February 1926]
Hallowe’en in a Suburb [March 1926]
In Memoriam: Oscar Incoul Verelst of Manhattan: 1920-1926 [c. 28 June 1926]
The Return [December 1926]
??? Sf????? [December 1926]
Hedone [3 January 1927]
To Miss Beryl Hoyt [February 1927]
To Jonathan E. Hoag, Esq. [February? 1927]
[On J.F. Roy Erford] [18 June 1927]
[On Ambrose Bierce] [c. June 1927]
[On Cheating the Post Office] [c. 14 August 1927]
[On Newport, Rhode Island] [17 September 1927]
The Absent Leader [12 October 1927]
Ave atque Vale [18 October 1927]
To a Sophisticated Young Gentleman [15 December 1928]
The Wood [January 1929]
An Epistle to the Rt. Honble Maurce Winter Moe, Esq. [July 1929]
[Stanzas on Samarkand IV] [8 November 1929]
Lines upon the Magnates of the Pulp [November 1929]
The Outpost [26 November 1929]
The Ancient Track [26 November 1929]
The Messenger [30 November 1929]
The East India Brick Row [12 December 1929]
Fungi from Yuggoth [27 December 1929-4 January 30]
The Book
The Key
The Lamp
Zaman’s Hill
The Port
The Courtyard
The Pigeon-Flyers
The Well
The Howler
The Window
A Memory
The Gardens of Yin
The Bells
The Canal
St. Toad’s
The Familiars
The Elder Pharos
The Dweller
Harbour Whistles
Recapture [November 1929]
Evening Star
Veteropinguis Redivivus [Summer 1930?]
To a Young Poet in Dunedin [c. 29 May 1931]
On an Unspoil’d Rural Prospect [30 August 1931]
Bouts Rimés [23 May 1934]
Beyond Zimbabwe
The White Elephant
[Anthem of the Kappa Alpha Tau] [c. 7 August 1934]
Edith Miniter [10 September 1934]
[Little Sam Perkins] [c. 17 September 1934]
[Metrical Example] [27 February 1935]
Dead Passion’s Flame [Summer 1935]
Arcadia [Summer 1935]
Lullaby for the Dionne Quintuplets [Summer 1935]
The Odes of Horace: Book III, ix [22 January 1936]
In a Sequester’d Providence Churchyard Where Once Poe Walk’d [8 August 1936]
To Mr. Finlay, upon His Drawing for Mr. Bloch’s Tale, “The Faceless God” [c. 30 November 1936]
To Clark Ashton Smith, Esq., upon His Phantastick Tales, Verses, Pictures, and Sculptures [c. 11 December 1936]
The Decline and Fall of a Man of the World [n.d.]
[Epigrams] [n.d.]
Gaudeamus [n.d.]
The Greatest Law [n.d.]
Life’s Mystery [n.d.]
On Mr. L. Phillips Howard’s Profound Poem Entitled “Life’s Mystery” [n.d.]
Nathicana [n.d.]
On an Accomplished Young Linguist [n.d.]
“The Poetical Punch” Pushed from His Pedestal [n.d.]
The Road to Ruin [n.d.]
Saturnalia [n.d.]
Sonnet Study [n.d.]
Sors Poetae [n.d.]
To Samuel Loveman, Esq. [n.d.]
To “The Scribblers” [n.d.]
Verses Designed to Be Sent by a Friend of the Author to His Brother-in-Law on New Year’s Day [n.d.]
[Christmas Greetings] [n.d.]
To Eugene B. Kuntz et al.
To Laurie A. Sawyer
To Sonia H. Greene
To Rheinhart Kleiner
To Felis (Frank Belknap Long’s Cat)
To Annie E.P. Gamwell
To Felis (Frank Belknap Long’s Cat)
[Untitled poems] [n.d.]